ICFP Contest 2006, Team KFL

In 1967, during excavation for the construction of a new shopping center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, workers uncovered a vault containing a cache of ancient scrolls. Most were severely damaged, but those that could be recovered confirmed the existence of a secret society long suspected to have been active in the region around the year 200 […]

Team “What A Summer Party”, Round 1

I have hangovers. Not from partying, but from lack of sleep and bad nutrition. The contest was lots of fun. Despite that the end-result for our team was rather disappointing. Below the description I wrote for our team. The Story Of Team “What A Summer Party” Round 1 The prospect for the ICFP contest was […]

Cops and Robbers

Live update from the life of Ken. I’m currently participating in the ICFP 2005 Contest on a team of colleagues from the IT University. The task in the contest is to make robot brains for cop robots and robber robots. We have a bunch of wild ideas, but it is by no means clear (to […]

That is the Xmas spirit

Today Maria took care of most of the Xmas present for the children we know. We left the presents in the trunk of our car while we had dinner, so that Kamille would see them. After Kamille was put to bed I went out to get the presents. What I found was our car with […]

Half a year

These days it is six months since I started working at Laerdal Sophus. It is amazing how quickly that time has passed. So far it has been just as educational and fun as I had hoped for.

The birth of Naja

A bit delayed, but here is the account of Naja’s birth. Maria started to have contractions Monday (the 13’th) morning. While the contractions where painful, they where also short of of duration and irregular in frequency. In the evening Kamille showed the first symptoms of chickenpox. Tuesday morning Kamille was showing quite a few chickenpox. […]

Tucking in early…

We are tucking in early tonight. Because, judging the signs, we will have to get up during the night…. Update 2004-09-14: No we did not need to get up during the night.

Changing website

It is just a small change, yet it feels like a big step. This evening I made a new (sketchy) webpage in the friislarsen.net domain, and redirected my old page at the IT University to the new page. Now I just need to fill the new page with some content.

Pictures from Kamille’s birthday

I have uploaded a new photo album with pictures from Kamille’s birthday and two short movies with Kamille saying “thank you” to her friends from Utah who sent her a lovely dress.

My brother graduated

Today my brother had his viva for his masters in Economics. And I’m proud to report that he passed with flying colours. His disseration was on Risk attitude and portfolio theory (my translation).