My backup script works

Earlier I wrote about my home-rolled backup script. Yesterday, I got the unfortunate optunity to test for real if the script worked as inteded, as my home partition’s filesystem was corrupted. I’m happy to report that the script worked perfectly. I got all my data back without any data loss 😀 The thing that took […]

That is the Xmas spirit

Today Maria took care of most of the Xmas present for the children we know. We left the presents in the trunk of our car while we had dinner, so that Kamille would see them. After Kamille was put to bed I went out to get the presents. What I found was our car with […]

mGTK pre-release 0.93

Tonight Henning and managed to make a release of mGTK. We call it a prerelease becase we have not written any documentation, the release has only been tested on my laptop (running Debian Sarge/Sid), and we have not made a Windows port yet. Still, now you can download it from Sourceforge and play with it.