I Am Going to JAOO 2008 As A F# Expert

Microsoft Denmark have invited me to participate in JAOO 2008. If I in return spend some time in the Microsoft stand demoing F# and answering questions about F# and functional programming in general. When Martin Esmann (Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist) approached me, I told him that I’d be happy to show up, but I’m not […]

Decoding Morse Code With F# Comprehensions

In my last post I showed how to decode morse code in Python using list comprehensions. In this post I show how to do it in F# instead. First using list comprehensions: let codes = [(“A”,”.-“); (“B”,”-…”); (“C”,”-.-.”); (“D”,”-..”); (“E”,”.”); (“F”,”..-.”); (“G”,”–.”); (“H”,”….”); (“I”,”..”); (“J”,”.—“); (“K”,”-.-“); (“L”,”.-..”); (“M”,”–“); (“N”,”-.”); (“O”,”—“); (“P”,”.–.”); (“Q”,”–.-“); (“R”,”.-.”); (“S”,”…”); (“T”,”-“); […]