Software on my Mac

This is a list of the software that I use on my Mac, and have installed by myself, that is it wasn’t something that came with Mac.

The list is primarily for me, so that I can remember what to install when I get a new machine. But it also serve as a list of recommendations. Thus, if you think I need something on the list add a comment or send me a mail.

Find your copy on the DVD that came with your Mac, or download from Apple. A machine without a C compiler is a sad machine. I don’t care much about the GUI parts of XCode, but the trusted command line tools are needed for Macports.

* First thing to install (morally) is macports. Download it from:

* Your first port to install should be `bash-completion`:

$ sudo port install bash-completion

Then you need to configure `bash-completion`

* Add the following to your `.profile` (found in your home directory)

# bash-completion
if [ -f /opt/local/etc/bash_completion ]; then
. /opt/local/etc/bash_completion

* And to make sure to install bash completions for future packages installed via macports add the following line to the file `/opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf`:

+ bash_completion

See for the full story.
* I have (at least) the following ports (variants indicated with plus) installed:

git-core +svn
gimp2 +quartz +no_x11
inkscape +quartz +no_x11

Warning `gimp2` and `inkscape` ports will pull in an awfull lot of dependencies.


Available from
And I’m using the following add-ons:

+ [Sync]( (formally known as Weave)
+ [Greasemonkey]( (direct [addon
+ [After the Deadline – Spell and Grammar Checker](


Available from


Available from
Let me know if you want an extra 250MB when you sign up for the free 2GB account, then I’ll send you an invitation. Or just use [this referal link](


Available from
And I’m using the following from Adium Xtras:

* [Color Adiumy Menubar Reborn](

* [Skype](


Available from

###iStat menus

Available from


Available from

###Transmission (BitTorrent Client)

Available from

###Haskell platform

Available from


Available from . I got the Eclipse Classic download for Mac Cocoa 64bit.


I use [Calibra]( to manage my e-books. It is better than the program provided by Sony.

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