More mGTK Progress

Henning and I have been working hard (leisure time hard, that is) on mGTK since my last mGTK progress report. We have ported all the interesting Gtk# examples from Mono: A Developer’s Notebook Chapter 4.

screenshot of four mGTK examples

Currently the only missing bits are better support for the lower levels of the library stack most notably GDK, but also Glib, ATK, and Pango. Which means that there are no pretty monkeys and the drag and drop example does not compile, yet. The source code for the examples can be found in the mGTK CVS.

Next up, is polish of the bindings generator for MLton which is currently not as well as the Moscow ML generator. The only thing missing is support for out-arguments. However, Henning is on the case, so the problems should be solved within days(?!?). A release is sooo close. That fells really good because it has taken three years to come this far.

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