Tucking in early…

We are tucking in early tonight. Because, judging the signs, we will have to get up during the night…. Update 2004-09-14: No we did not need to get up during the night.

Changing website

It is just a small change, yet it feels like a big step. This evening I made a new (sketchy) webpage in the friislarsen.net domain, and redirected my old page at the IT University to the new page. Now I just need to fill the new page with some content.

Shared snapshots

Yesterday I bought an external hard-disk for backups. To make the backups I’ve rolled my own script (snapshot.sh) that uses rsync to make a snapshot of my home-partition and transfer it to the external hard-disk. The interesting part is, that the script takes advantage of the rsync option –link-dest to share a large part of […]

Pictures from Kamille’s birthday

I have uploaded a new photo album with pictures from Kamille’s birthday and two short movies with Kamille saying “thank you” to her friends from Utah who sent her a lovely dress.

Now with Java

Following up on the benchmark from yesterday, I’ve produced a Java version of the queens benchmark (queens.java). Below is the updated graph. I have a suspision that the reason Mono and Java is performing so bad is not only due to exceptions, but rather it has something to do with garbage collection. I also tried […]

A hand full of Queens

Or: SML/Moscow ML is faster than C++/GCC Inspired by a remark by Peter about the abysmal performance of exceptions on the .NET platform. I decided to check it for myself with a micro-benchmark. I also decided to check the performance of C++ exceptions, just for the fun of it. The micro-benchmark is to find a […]

mGTK progress

Tonight I decided to try and port an example from Mono: A Developer’s Notebook to the upcoming release of mGTK. By joining forces with Henning we were able to compile the example for the following screenshot: The email entry-box is updated dynamically when you type something in the two other entry boxes. Mnemonics works, that […]

My brother graduated

Today my brother had his viva for his masters in Economics. And I’m proud to report that he passed with flying colours. His disseration was on Risk attitude and portfolio theory (my translation).

Visitor pattern visited

Hmm, my first blog entry. To get started, I’ll just write about a book I’m reading these days. I have a confession to make: I have been guilty of discarding some of the OOP patterns as “just papering over the weaknesses of OOP languages”. For example, the Visitor pattern has been discarded as “it is […]